Truth Or Dare Questions

70 Truth Or Dare Questions For Any Occasion To Have Good Amount Of Fun

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Want to learn more about your friends?

Truth or Dare questions kickstart a good time in seconds, and can help you to know more about your friends. It’s a classic party game, where a group of friends take turns, asking each other truth or dare questions. If you choose truth, you must answer truthfully, and if you choose dare, you’re supposed to complete a task assigned.

Guys, you’re sure going to have fun when you ask each other these questions and challenge each other to these dares. So we advise you to use our handpicked basic truth questions and dares to get you started, and have an incredibly engaging game of truth or dare!

Truth Questions For Couples:

1. You Are Going To Be Stuck On A Dessert Island And You Can Only Bring Five Things. List Them.

2. Have You Ever Sent An Inappropriate/embarrassing Text To Someone? Describe.


3. What Lie Have You Told That Hurt Someone?


4. What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done?


5. If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island, Who Would You Want To Be Stranded With From Our School?

6. Tell Me About Your Most Awkward Date.


7. What’s The Best Purchase You Ever Made?


8. Is It True That You (Whatever You Or The Group Suspects They Do / Did)?


9. What’s One Thing You Like, And One Thing You Dislike About Yourself?


10. Who Have You Loved But They Didn’t Love You Back?

11. What Bad Thing Have You Done That No One Else Found Out About?


12. Who Was Your First Kiss? Did You Like It?


13. When Was The Most Inappropriate Time You Farted?


14. What’s Something In Your Web Browsing History That You’d Be Embarrassed If Someone Saw?


15. What’s One Physical Feature That You Would Change On Yourself If You Could?

16. What Pictures Or Videos Of You Do You Wish Didn’t Exist?


17. What Was The Most Awkward Romantic Encounter You Have Had?


18. What Is The Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On?


19. Tell Me About The Last Time Someone Unexpectedly Walked In On You While You Were Naked.


20. What Do You Really Hope Your Parents Never Find Out About?

21. Have You Ever Flirted With Your Best Friend’s Siblings?


22. Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Cheerleader?


23. What Is The Grossest Thing You Have Had In Your Mouth?


24. If You Could Change One Thing About Your Body, What Would It Be?


25. What Do Most People Think Is True About You, But Isn’t?

26. What Are You Most Self-Conscious About?


27. Who Is The Person You Most Regret Kissing?


28. What’s The Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?


29. What Is The Silliest Thing You Have An Emotional Attachment To?


30. What Is The Most Childish Thing You Still Do?

31. You’re Going 2 In A Public Bathroom And Run Out Of Toilet Paper—What Do You Do?


32. What Is Your Favorite Thing That Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Does?


33. If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life, What Would It Be?


34. What Is Your Deepest Darkest Fear?


35. What Was The Worst Encounter You Had With A Police Officer?

36. What Would You Do With Your Time If You Didn’t Have To Work?


37. Has A Crush Ever Found Out You Liked Them And Turned You Down?


38. Who Is Your Crush?


39. What’s The Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened To You?


40. What Is The Naughtiest Thing You’ve Done In Public?

41. What’s One Thing On Your Bucket List?


42. What Have You Done That People Here Would Judge You Most For Doing?


43. What Is The Grossest Thing That Has Come Out Of Your Body?


44. What Color Is Your Underwear?


45. If You Had To Do A Gameshow With Someone In This Room, Who Would You Pick?

46. Do You Wear Tighty Whities Or Granny Panties?


47. Would You Rather Go For A Month Without Washing Your Hair Or Go For A Day Without Wearing A Bra?


48. When Was The Last Time You Picked Your Nose Without A Tissue?


49. Have You Ever Made Out With Someone Here?


50. What Is The Most Expensive Thing You Have Stolen?

51. Have You Ever Been Arrested?


52. Describe Your Most Recent Romantic Encounter In Detail.


53. Have You Ever Shared A Secret You Shouldn’t Have, Or Promised You Wouldn’t?


54. What Is Something That People Think You Would Never Do But You Have?


55. If You Could Be Another Girl At Our School, Who Would You Be?

56. Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?


57. What Part Of Your Body Do You Love And Which Part Do You Hate?


58. Who Is The Worst Kisser You’ve Kissed?


59. Have You Ever Peed Your Pants?


60. If You Could Eat Anything You Wanted Without Getting Fat, What Would That Food Be?

61. Who Is Your Current Crush?


62. What Are You Afraid Of?


63. What’s One Thing You Can’t Live Without?


64. Who Are The Top 5 Cutest Guys In Our Class? Rank Them.


65. If You Could Have Three Wishes, What Would You Wish For?

66. What Is The Weirdest Thing You Have Done For A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?


67. Who Here Has The Nicest Butt?


68. What’s The Last Thing You Searched On Your Phone?


69. What Is Something That You Have Never Told Anyone?


70. Have You Ever Been In Love?



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