The Need For Dog Insurance Is On The Rise

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These days, dog owners are obsessed with their best friends more than ever. Dogs are not just left at home anymore. Dogs go on car rides, airplanes, trains.

They visit beaches, restaurants, and join their human on shopping trips. For some, their dog is considered their child. The owner would do anything to give their dog a happy life and protect them.

Owning a pet is much more involved than feeding it, giving it treats and walking it each day. When you adopt a dog, you are also responsible for the dog’s overall quality of life and happiness.

Take Care Of Your Dog’s Health

Different dog breeds may experience various health issues throughout the span of their lives. For instance, many of the small dogs may have experienced joint issues and arthritis as they grow into their bodies. Many of the large dog breeds are susceptible to digestive issues.

These are just a couple of examples. When you are considering getting a new dog, it is highly recommended to do some research on the specific breed to familiarize yourself with the health issues that could arise.

From the time your dog is a puppy to its elder age, routine health and wellness care will be required. Starting as a puppy and throughout the dog’s life, the dog will need shots like Bordatella, Rabies, and Heartworm shots.

When the dog is in its first year, it will need to get spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted procreation. As the dog grows older, illness and health issues may arise. This could include dental care, heart issues, joint issues, and so on.

For many, an emergency vet bill will hit when you least expect it. While you are experiencing an emergency with your pet, you will be faced with the hard decision if you would like to have a life-saving procedure done on the dog.

Obviously, we all want to say yes but some people can not afford the cost. Vet bills are known to set people back and put them in major debt that is hard to recover from. There is a solution you should consider— dog insurance.

Why Do You Need Dog Insurance?

Dog insurance is now needed more than ever. Statistics show that veterinarian bills for dogs have increased 47% in the last decade and 73% for cats. These days, an emergency vet bill for a dog averages $1,500. Many people do not have that disposable income or savings.

To help prevent exurbanite vet bills at the time of an emergency, it may be a great idea to sign your dog up for dog insurance. The average cost of a dog insurance premium is starting at $29 per month.

This base price will vary based on the dog’s breed, age, and pre-existing conditions. Once your pup is on a plan, should anything happen, you will only have to cover the deductible that is set in your policy plan.

Having dog insurance can save you thousands of dollars and also take the pressure off in making a tough decision about your pet’s emergency care.

In addition to using insurance for emergency care, there are add-ons to the plan that you can elect. One example is a preventative care package. This package may increase the monthly premium but will cover any wellness vet visits, shots, and various medical and lab tests.

Although dog insurance seems like just another added monthly expense, there will come a day when you will rely on it which will validate your investment over the months.

There are many dog insurance plans out there. To get the best dog insurance, review plans from 3-4 companies side by side. Look closely at the price and terms and conditions. You want to ensure the coverage and deductibles are similar and not just go with the lowest-priced policy.

Your Furry Companion Will Thank You

If you follow this suggestion and get your dog insurance, you will be able to take care of your pup, no matter what arises. You will not need to make a tough decision based solely on the financial burden the procedure may cost.

Should an emergency or health-related issue arise, you will be able to get your dog quick and quality care to help fix the problem they are having. The dog will be able to begin its recovery sooner than later.

You can watch your dog grow up happy, healthy, and live a long life by your side.

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