How to Tell Jokes for Kids

How to Tell Jokes for Kids

Kids love a good joke. Unlike adults who may have developed over time, a mental shield if you will, that doesn’t find the same jokes funny. For kids, the best jokes are probably the most simplest of jokes or the silliest of jokes. There are some that even enjoy gross jokes! But telling a kid a funny joke isn’t all in the joke itself, like doing a presentation, it’s all about the delivery such as your tone of voice and body language.

Go for the most simple of jokes, something that doesn’t require a complex knowledge of a particular area. For example, you need to understand that kids don’t have a complicated vocabulary, therefore jokes involving satire, complicated irony or intelligent puns will go wasted. Therefore, to tell a good joke for a kid, one must go for jokes which involve everyday objects and people. Here’s a good example –

What superhero uses public transportation?
Bus Lightyear

Why is this joke so effective? Because not only is it easy to understand, but it also includes a wordplay reference to a superhero character that children actually know; in this case, Buzz Lightyear. By adding an extra layer (the knowledge layer of Buzz Lightyear), kids will enjoy it that much more as now they feel like they’re part of an inside joke. It’s the equivalent of if you were a lawyer or possess an understanding of a lawyer’s job and someone told you lawyer jokes, you would most likely find the joke more appealing or have that “I get it!” moment.

If you think about it, the joke used in the example above is rather silly, and in an adult context, you might not even get a snicker out of the other person. So another point to acknowledge here is that kids enjoy rather silly jokes and humour. To take it one step further, some jokes for kids should even include an element of vulgar. Whilst this may sound pretty gross for the average adult human; children are still developing and find things such as “breaking wind” and “burping” absolutely hilarious. If you can get over the gross factor of some kids jokes, kids will laugh hysterically and appreciate your joke and tell the joke it to their friends.

The main idea when telling jokes for kids is that you need to keep them really plain and simple. There isn’t an exact science to it unfortunately, but if you aim for simplicity and a bucketful of silliness, you’re sure to impress your niece, nephew or own kids.