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50 Funny Puns That Are Going To Get You ROFL Within Seconds

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How many of us can actually ignore a sarcastic pun and not laugh at its humor? Not many of us and this tradition has been prevalent for a long time.

Whenever these puns enter the scene they are sure to elicit some strong laughter from the people present. Want to know what we are talking about then read these 50 funny Puns that are going to get you ROFL within seconds. Anglų kalbos vaikų dienos stovykla Klaipėdoje

1. If A Short Psychic Broke Out Of Jail, Then You’d Have A Small Medium At Large.

2. What Did Syrup To The Waffle? I Love You A Waffle Lot!


3. I Ordered 2000 Lbs. Of Chinese Soup. It Was Won Ton.


4. What Do You Call A Bee That Can’t Make Up Its Mind? A Maybe.


5. I’m Reading A Book About Anti-gravity. It’s Impossible To Put Down!


6. My Boss Is Going To Fire The Employee With The Worst Posture. I Have A Hunch, It Might Be Me.


7. Whenever I Undress In The Bathroom… My Shower Gets Turned On!


8. How Did The Picture End Up In Jail? It Was Framed!


9. Why Was The Cookie Sad? Because His Mom Was A Wafer Long!


10. I Tried To Sue The Airline For Losing My Luggage. I Lost My Case.


11. I Wasn’t Originally Going To Get A Brain Transplant, But Then I Changed My Mind.


12. What’s The Difference Between A Hippo And A Zippo? One Is Really Heavy And The Other Is A Little Lighter!


13. The Man Who Survived Pepper Spray And Mustard Gas Is Now A Seasoned Veteran.


14. My Dad Farted In An Elevator, It Was Wrong On So Many Levels.


15. When Life Gives You Melons, You’re Dyslexic.


16. Why Do The French Eat Snails? They Don’t Like Fast Food.


17. Thanks For Explaining The Word “Many” To Me, It Means A Lot.


18. All Chemists Know That Alcohol Is Always A Solution.


19. I Asked A Frenchman If He Played Video Games. He Said Wii!


20. The Future, The Present And The Past Walked Into A Bar. Things Got A Little Tense.


21. I Went To Buy Some Camouflage Trousers Yesterday But Couldn’t Find Any.


22. Atheism Is A Non-prophet Organization.


23. I Couldn’t Quite Remember How To Throw A Boomerang, But Eventually, It Came Back To Me.


24. Last Night, I Dreamed I Was Swimming In An Ocean Of Orange Soda. But It Was Just A Fanta Sea.


25. I Can’t Believe I Got Fired From The Calendar Factory. All I Did Was Take A Day Off.


26. How Do You Make Holy Water? You Boil The Hell Out Of It.


27. What Is The Best Thing About Living In Switzerland? Well, The Flag Is A Big Plus.


28. What Do You Call The Security Outside Of A Samsung Store? A: Guardians Of The Galaxy.


29. I’ve Just Written A Song About Tortillas – Actually, It’s More Of A Rap.


30. What Happens If You Eat Yeast And Shoe Polish? Every Morning You Will Rise And Shine!


31. Why Was The Baby Ant Confused? Because All His Uncles Were Ants!


32. I Was Addicted To The Hokey Pokey… But Thankfully, I Turned Myself Around.


33. My Wife Likes It When I Blow Air On Her When She’s Hot, But Honestly… I’m Not A Fan.


34. What Did The Hamburger Name It’s Baby? Patty!


35. If A Child Refuses To Sleep During Nap Time, Are They Guilty Of Resisting A Rest?


36. One Lung Said To Another…We Be-lung Together!


37. When Everything Is Coming Your Way, You’re In The Wrong Lane.


38. She Had A Photographic Memory But Never Developed It.


39. I’d Tell You A Chemistry Joke But I Know I Wouldn’t Get A Reaction.


40. Claustrophobic People Are More Productive Thinking Out Of The Box.


41. I Used To Go Fishing With Skrillex. But He Kept Dropping The Bass!


42. I Just Found Out I’m Colorblind. The Diagnosis Came Completely Out Of The Purple.


43. I’m Always Frank With My Sexual Partners. Don’t Want Them Knowing My Real Name.


44. What Did The Sushi Say To The Bee? Wasabee!


45. You Really Shouldn’t Be Intimidated By Advanced Math…it’s Easy As Pi!


46. Did You Hear About The Guy Whose Whole Left Side Was Cut Off? He’s All Right Now.


47. I’m Reading A Book About Anti-gravity. It’s Impossible To Put Down.


48. My Boss Told Me To Have A Good Day. So I Went Home.


49. I’m Emotionally Constipated. I Haven’t Given A Shit In Days.


50. To The Mathematicians Who Thought Of The Idea Of Zero, Thanks For Nothing!


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