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50 Cute Puns That Will Get You Rolling Within Seconds

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Funny and cute puns are eliciting lot of takers from around the world.

So much so that even illustrators of high caliber are using them to make their audiences go smiling.

Here is our compilation of 50 Cute Puns That Will get you rolling within seconds. Go on and have some fun.

1. What Do Whales Eat For Their Tea?

Fish and ships.


2. Why Are Ice Cream Cones So Bad At Tennis?

They have a soft serve.


3. What Noise Does A Chicken’s Phone Make?

Wing wing.


4. What Did One Leaf Say To The Other Leaf?

I’ve fallen for you.


5. What Do You Call A Pig That Does Karate?

Pork chop


6. Why Don’t Teddy Bears Eat Dessert?

They’re always stuffed.


7. Why Are Pastries So Stupid?

They donut know anything.


8. Why Do Bears Always Travel In Packs?

They can’t bear to be alone.


9. What Did The Buffalo Say To His Son As He Left For School?



10. What Do You Call A Lazy Kangaroo?

A pouch potato


11. Why Don’t Spiders Leave The House?

They can do everything on the web.


12. What Do You Call A Giant Animal No One Cares About?



13. Why Do Lollipops Always Fall For Scams?

They’re suckers.


14. What Kind Of Cup Can’t You Drink Out Of?

A cup-cake.


15. What Do You Call And Alligator In A Vest?

An investigator


16. Why Should You Never Tell A Joke To A Window?

It might crack up.


17. What Did The Soup Write On His Valentine?

You make miso happy.


18. Why Don’t You Have To Worry About Chicken Tenders Hurting Your Feelings?

They couldn’t if they fried.


19. What Kind Of Music Is Scary For Balloons?

Pop music.


20. What Do You Call A Dog With Magic Powers?

A Labracadabrador.


21. Why Did The Cookie Go To The Hospital?

She felt crummy.


22. How Can You Tell If A Toilet Is Sick?

It looks flushed.


23. Why Can’t You Sell A Shoe To A Bear?

They prefer bear feet.


24. Why Are Pickles So Chill?

Whatever happens, they dill with it.


25. How Do You Make Holy Water?

Take regular water and boil the hell out of it.


26. Why Couldn’t Dracula’s Wife Get To Sleep?

Because of his coffin.


27. What Did The Volcano Say To His Wife?

I lava you


28. What Kind Of Bagel Can Fly?

A plain bagel.


29. What Did The Flour Say To The Milk And Eggs?

Batter up!


30. Why Are Italian Desserts So Loyal?

They cannoli be happy with you.


31. Why Did The Mushroom Go To The Party?

Because he was a fun guy.


32. Why Is Peter Pan Always Flying?

He never lands.


33. What Did The Buffalo Say When His Son Left For School?



34. What Did The Koala Say To His Girlfriend?

I love you-calpytus.


35. What Kind Of Bird Is Sticky?

A vel-crow.


36. Why Are Dalmatians So Bad At Hide And Seek?

They’re always spotted.


37. Why Are Flowers So Supportive?

They be-leaf in you.


38. Did You Hear About The Pregnant Cat That Ate A Bowl Of Wool?

She had mittens.


39. What Do You Call A Cow With No Legs?

Ground beef.


40. Why Did The Shovel Seek Help For His Friend?

He was looking pail.


41. What Is A Dairy Product Like As A Partner?

They’re your butter half.


42. What Did The Grilled Cheese Say To The Frying Pan?

You make me melt.


43. Why Don’t Trains Ever Choke?

They chew chew.


44. Why Do Bullets Have So Much Trouble Paying Their Bills?

They’re always getting fired.


45. What Do You Call A Classy Fish?



46. What’s The Scariest Kind Of Beverage?

The tea-rex.


47. What Kind Of Bee Rises From He Dead?

A Zombie.


48. What Do You Call It When Cheese Goes #2?

Fondue due.

49. What Did One Sushi Roll Say To The Other Sushi Roll?

I’m soy into you.


50. Why Did The Mushroom Go To The Party?

He was a fun guy.


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