Corny Jokes Certain To Make Your Friends Groan

50 Corny Jokes That Would Make Your Friends Go Crazy

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Fun is when a group of friends sit down to chat and the joke session resumes. From bad ones to corny ones every style of joke is adapted. However, it is when the corny jokes are shared that the maximum fun starts.

Here is our compilation of the 50 Corny Jokes that are going to make your friends go crazy.

1. What Do You Call A Pig That Does Karate? A Pork Chop.


2. Why Are There Gates Around Cemeteries? Because People Are Dying To Get In.


3. Why Can’t Ghosts Have Babies?


4. What’s Brown And Sticky? A Stick.


5. What Kind Of Ghost Has The Best Hearing? The Eeriest.


6. Why Do Bees Have Sticky Hair? Because They Use Honeycombs.


7. What Do You Call Fake Spaghetti? An Im-Pasta.


8. What Lights Up A Soccer Stadium? A Soccer Match.


9. What Do You Call A Group Of Unorganized Cats?


10. What Do You Call It When Batman Skips Church?


11. How Do You Stop A Bull From Charging? Cancel Its Credit Card.


12. . Why Did The Stadium Get Hot After The Game?


13. Why Do Seagulls Fly Over The Sea? Because If They Flew Over A Bay, They Would Be Bagels.


14. We Recently Asked Members Of The Buzzfeed Community To Share With Us The Corniest Joke They’ve Ever Heard.


15. What Do You Call A Seagull That Flies Over The Bay?


16. If Athletes Get Athlete’s Foot, What Do Elves Get? Mistle-Toes. Here Are Some Corny Jokes From Celebrities.


17. How Did The Hipster Burn His Tongue?


18. Why Did The Farmer Win An Award? He Was Outstanding In His Field.


19. Why Didn’t The Toilet Paper Cross The Road?


20. Why Did The Mushroom Go To The Party? Because He Was A Fungi. Memorize These Short Corny Jokes To Be The Hit At Your Next Party.


21. What Did The Policeman Say To His Bellybutton? You’re Under A Vest.


22. What Do You Call An Alligator In A Vest?


23. When Do Computers Overheat? When They Need To Vent.


24. What Did The Yoga Instructor Say When Her Landlord Tried To Evict Her? Namaste.


25. Why Does Snoop Dogg Use An Umbrella?


26. How Does A Squid Go Into Battle?


27. What Do You Call Bees That Produce Milk?


28. What Kind Of Tea Is Hard To Swallow?


29. Where Can You Buy Chicken Broth In Bulk? The Stock Market.


30. How Do You Find Will Smith In The Snow?


31. How Do Rabbits Travel? By Hareplanes. Find The Funniest Joke For Your Christmas Party With These Holiday Jokes.


32. Why Did The Bicycle Fall Over?


33. A Ham Sandwich Walks Into A Bar And Orders A Beer, Bartender Says “sorry, We Don’t Serve Food Here.” Belly Up To Some More Bar Jokes, Here.


34. What Kind Of Music Do Planets Like? Neptunes.


35. What’s The Difference Between The Bird Flu And The Swine Flu? One Requires Tweetment And The Other An Oinkment.


36. Why Did The Clydesdale Give The Pony A Glass Of Water? Because He Was A Little Horse.


37. What Do You Call A Fish Without Eyes? Fish. These Are The 20 Grammar Corny Jokes Every Word Nerd Will Appreciate.


38. How Do You Tell If A Vampire Is Sick? By How Much He Is Coffin.


39. Why Shouldn’t You Write With A Broken Pencil? Because It’s Pointless. Don’t Think That’s The Funniest Joke Ever?


40. These Are The One-liners We Know You’ll Love.


41. Why Did The Scarecrow Win An Award? Because He Was Outstanding In His Field. Find The Funniest Joke Ever With These Daily Life Jokes You’ll Want To Share.


42. What Disease Do You Get When You Decorate For Christmas?


43. Why Was The Mermaid Wearing Seashells?


44. What Do You Call The Children Of The Corn’s Father?


45. Why Don’t They Play Poker In The Jungle?


46. How Many Tickles Does It Take To Make An Octopus Laugh?


47. What Do You Call An Alligator Detective? An Invest-Gator.


48. What Did The Duck Say To The Bartender?


49. What’s A Pepper That Won’t Leave You Alone?


50. What Do You Call A Cow With Two Legs? Lean Beef! If Your Funny Bone Still Needs Tickling, Here Are The Top Jokes From Comedy Legends.


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