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40+ Computer Jokes That are Sure To Make You Laugh!

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Here is the list of the rest of our computer jokes, puns, and riddles for children and kids: Hope you enjoy it.

1. Why Can’t Cats Work On The Computer? They Get Too Distracted Chasing The Mouse Around.


2. What Do You Get If You Take Your Computer To An Ice Rink? A Slipped Disk


3. Programming Is Like Sex, One Mistake And You Have To Support It For The Rest Of Your Life.


4. What Is Written On Steve Jobs Tombstone? I came, I saw, I conquered, I left, I comeback, Ithinkdifferent, I mac, I pod, I tunes, I phone, I pad, I cloud, Iris


5. What Does A King Computer Do? Execute His Programs!


6. Why Did The Computer Go To The Doctor? Because It Had A Virus!


7. What Happens When A Buddhist Becomes Totally Absorbed With The Computer He Is Working With? He Enters Nevadan.


8. What Does A Proud Computer Call His Little Son? A Microchip Off The Old Block.


9. There Are 10 Types Of People In The World: Those Who Understand Binary, And Those Who Don’t.


10. What Did The Dentist Say To The Computer? This Won’t Hurt A Byte.


11. Why Did The Programmer Use The Entire Bottle Of Shampoo During One Shower? Because The Bottle Said “Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”


12. What Do You Call A Woman You Married Off The Internet? Wife-I.


13. What Do You Call A Computer Floating In The Ocean? A Dell Rolling In The Deep.


14. What Was The Hipster Doing At The Computer? Looking In The Recycling Bin For Something Retro.


15. Mac Users Swear By Their Mac, Pc Users Swear At Their Pc.


16. What Do You Get When You Cross A Hamburger With A Computer? A Big Mac!


17. In A World Without Fences And Walls, Who Needs Gates And Windows?


18. Why Couldn’t Bill Gates Get A Mistress? Because He’s Penis Was Microsoft!


19. Why Do Programmers Always Mix Up Halloween And Christmas? Because 31 Oct = 25 Dec.


20. What Is Another Name For A Computer Virus? A Terminal Illness


21. What Did The Spider Do On The Computer? Made A Website!


22. Why Was The Computer Shy? Because It Had Hardware And Software But No Underware.


23. Where Do All The Cool Mice Live?in Their Mousepads


24. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Call It Version 1.0


25. Unix Is User Friendly. It’s Just Selective About Who Its Friends Are.


26. Bugs Come In Through Open Windows.


27. Why Won’t Blondes Take Their Iphones To The Bathroom? Because They Don’t Want To Give Away Their Ip Address!


28. Computers Make Very Fast, Very Accurate Mistakes.


29. How Many Programmers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? None. It’s A Hardware Problem.


30. Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Visit Beijing, China? To See The “Great Firewall”.


31. What Was The Spider Doing On The Computer? Searching The Web!


32. I Would Love To Change The World, But They Won’t Give Me The Source Code.


34. Why Can’t An Elephant Use A Computer? He’s Too Afraid Of The Mouse.


35. What Do You Get If You Cross A Computer With A Ballet Dancer? The Netcracker Suite.


36. What Did The Computer Do At Lunchtime? Had A Byte!


37. Why Did The Computer Squeak?because Someone Stepped On It’s Mouse!


38. What Part Of A Computer Does A Spider Use? The Webcam.


39. Why Did The Computer Keep Sneezing? It Had A Virus!


40. Why Was There A Bug In The Computer? Because It Was Looking For A Byte To Eat?


41. Artificial Intelligence Usually Beats Real Stupidity.


42. Why Are Pcs Like Air Conditioners? They Stop Working Properly If You Open Windows!


43. Caps Lock – Preventing Login Since 1980.


44. The Box Said ‘Requires Windows 95 Or Better’. So I Installed Linux.


45. How Are Elephants And Computers Similar? They Both Have Big Memories.


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