50 Best Dad Jokes Which Are Embarrassingly Awful!

50 Best Dad Jokes Which Are Awful Yet Too Cool To Ignore!

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Your father may be strict at times and easy-going at others he sure has passed on some of his craziness on to you.

Only he has the power to make you go squealing in delight at one moment and scolding you for a task not done in another.

His crazy jokes however silly they may seem are most appropriate and often save you from facing some really tough situations in life.

Read on with us to know 50 Best Dad Jokes Which are awful yet too cool to ignore and won’t you agree that he definitely has the comic streak in him.

1. I Don’t Trust Stairs. They’re Always Up To Something.


2. Why Couldn’t The Bicycle Stand Up By Itself? It Was Two Tired.


3. I Ordered A Chicken And An Egg From Amazon. I’ll Let You Know


4. Why Is Peter Pan Always Flying? He Neverlands!


5. Did You Hear About The Restaurant On The Moon? Great Food, No Atmosphere!


6. How Do You Make A Kleenex Dance? Put A Little Boogie In It!


7. Did You Know That Milk Is The Fastest Liquid On Earth? It’s Pasteurized Before You Even See It.


8. My Friend Says To Me, “What Rhymes With Orange?” And I Told Him, “No It Doesn’t!”


9. Why Didn’t The Melons Get Married? Because They Cantaloupe.


10. What Do You Get From A Pampered Cow? Spoiled Milk.


11. What Do Santa’s Elves Listen To Ask They Work? Wrap Music!


12. I Used To Work In A Shoe-Recycling Shop. It Was Sole Destroying!


13. What’s The Difference Between A Snowman And A Snowwoman? Snowballs.


14. I Know A Lot Of Jokes About Retired People But None Of Them Work!


15. I’m So Good At Sleeping I Can Do It With My Eyes Closed!


16. How Do You Organize A Space Party? You Planet.


17. My Wife Is Really Mad At The Fact That I Have No Sense Of Direction. So I Packed Up My Stuff And Right.


18. Can February March? No, But April May!


19 . I Told My Girlfriend She Drew Her Eyebrows Too High. She Seemed Surprised!


20. Did You Hear About The Italian Chef Who Died? He Pasta Way!


21. What Do You Call A Lonely Cheese? Provolone.


22. Did You Hear The Rumor About Butter? Well, I’m Not Going To Spread It!


23. What Do You Call A Fish With Two Knees? A Two-Knee Fish!


24. It’s Inappropriate To Make A ‘dad Joke’ If You’re Not A Dad. It’s A Faux PA.


25. Why Did The Scarecrow Win An Award? Because He Was Outstanding In His Field.


26. What’s Orange And Sounds Like A Parrot? A Carrot!


27. As A Lumberjack, I Know That I’ve Cut Exactly 2,417 Trees. I Know Because Every Time I Cut One, I Keep A Log.


28. The Fattest Knight At King Arthur’s Round Table Was Sir Cumference. He Acquired His Size From Too Much Pi.


29. If You See A Robbery At An Apple Store Does That Make You An Iwitness?!


30. What Happens When You Go To The Bathroom In France? European.


31. Why Are Spiders So Smart? They Can Find Everything On The Web.


32. What Do You Get When You Cross A Snowman With A Vampire? Frostbite.


33. What’s Forrest Gump’s Password? 1forrest1


34. How Do Moths Swim? Using The Butterfly Stroke.


35. Why Do You Never See Elephants Hiding In Trees? Because They’re So Good At It!


36. Why Do Melons Have Weddings? Because They Cantaloupe!


37 .how Do Celebrities Stay Cool? They Have Many Fans.


38 .don’t Trust Atoms. They Make Up Everything!


39. Why Don’t Skeletons Ever Go Trick Or Treating? Because They Have No Body To Go With!


40. How Do You Make A Kleenex Dance? Put A Little Boogie In It!


41. I Thought About Going On An All-Almond Diet… But That’s Just Nuts!


42. Why Did The Coach Go To The Bank? To Get His Quarter Back.


43. What Do You Call An Elephant That Doesn’t Matter? An Irrelephant.


44. I Used To Have A Job At A Calendar Factory But I Got The Sack Because I Took A Couple Of Days Off.


45. What Time Did The Man Go To The Dentist? Tooth Hurt-Y.


46. Why Didn’t The Vampire Attack Taylor Swift? She Had Bad Blood.


47. What’s ET Short For? Because He’s Only Got Tiny Legs!


48. If You Rearrange The Letters Of “Postmen”. They Get Really Pissed Off.


49. This Graveyard Looks Overcrowded. People Must Be Dying To Get In.


50. What’s Brown And Sticky? A Stick!


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