Animal Puns That Are Seriously Amoosing

50 Animal Puns That Would Leave A Smile On Your Face

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For those who love animals spending time with them is a true stress buster. However, that also means that these people also enjoy the most whenever they hear anything remotely related to them.

Here we have compiled a list of 50 Animal Puns that would leave any person smiling.

1. What Did The Hawk Say When He Fell Off The Branch? “Well, This Is Hawkward.”


2. I Watched A Documentary About Beavers Last Night. It Was The Best Dam Show Ever!


3. What’s The Difference Between A Cow And A Car? A Car Only Has One Horn!


4. A Dog Gave Birth To Puppies Near The Road And Was Ticketed For Littering.


5. What’s So Special About Your Deer? I Have No-Eye-Deer!


6. What Did The Dolphin Say When It Broke Its Neighbor’s Window? It Wasn’t On Porpoise!


7. I Saw A Beaver Movie Last Night, It Was The Best Dam Movie Ever.


8. I’ve Got A Chicken-Proof Front Lawn. It’s Impeccable!


9. Why Do Pandas Prefer Old Movies? Because They’re Black And White!


10. Why Was The Bear A Good Fit For The Job? He Had All The Right Koalifications!


11. What’s A Dog’s Favorite Movie? Harry Paw-Ter And The Sorcerer’s Bone


12.  Where Do Orcas Go To Listen To Music? The Orca-Stra!


13. My Friend Was Annoying Me With Bird Puns But Toucan Play This Game.


14. What Did The Dog Say To The Flea? Stop Bugging Me!


15. I’m So Purrfect That Whenever I Meet A Pretty Girl, I Whisker Away.


16. These Giant Squid Jokes Are Kraken Me Up!


17. Where Do Sheep Go On Vacation? The Baaahamas.


18. What Does A Grape Say When It Gets Stepped On? Nothing, It Just Lets A Little Wine!


19. What Did The Dog Say To The Flea? Stop Bugging Me!


20. What Do You Call A Magic Dog? A Labracadabrador.


21. Why Did The Leopard Hate Playing Hide And Seek? Because He Was Always Spotted!


22. What Did The Koala Say When He Heard He Wasn’t A Bear?  “What Do You Mean? I Have All The Koalafications!”


23. When Noah Was Loading The Ark, Where Did He Put The Bees? In The Ark-hives!


24. What Do You Call A Fish With No Eyes? A Fsh.


25. Why Did The Policeman Give The Sheep A Ticket? It Made An Illegal Ewe Turn!


26. What Did The Dog Say Before Eating His Snack? “Bone A-Pet-Treat!”


27. How Did The Owl Respond When His Friend Called To Say He Was Running Late? “Don’t Worry! Owl Wait!”


28. Why Do Cows Go To New York? To See The Moosicals!


29. Have You Ever Heard Of An Honest Cheetah?


30. What Do You Call A Sleeping Bull? A Bull-Dozer.


31. Which Animal Are You Most Likely To Meet On Tinder? A Catfish!


32. Why Did The Cat Go To The Vet? Because He Said He Wasn’t Feline Fine!


33. What Did The Owl Say When He Got A Divorce? “Now I’m Owl By Myself.”


34. What Do You Call A Sleeping Bull? A Bull-dozer!


35. How Does A Farmer Count Cows? With A Cow-Culator


36. Are You Annoyed With All These Animal Puns? Try Coming Up With Some Yourself—Toucan Play This Game!


37. What’s The Difference Between A Fish And A Piano? You Can’t Tuna Fish!


38. We Call Our Dog Rolex, Since He’s A Watchdog.


39. Why Was The Little Bear So Spoiled? Because Its Mother Panda’d To Its Every Need!


40. What Do You Get From A Pampered Cow? Spoiled Milk!


41. What’s A Wolf’s Favorite Holiday? Howl-O-Ween!


42. Are You On The Hunt For Some Great Animal Puns? Then Paws What You’re Doing And Read These!


43. What’s The Quietest Kind Of Dog? A Hush Puppy!


44. What Did The Dolphin Say When He Made A Mistake? “Hey, I Didn’t Do It On Porpoise!”


45. What Do You Call A Pile Of Cats? A Meowtain.


46. Why Didn’t The Boy Believe The Tiger? He Thought It Was A Lion!


47. What Did The Alpaca Say To His Overworked Wife? “We’re Going On Vacation, Alpaca Your Things!”


48. What Did The Fish Say After Proposing An Idea To His Boss? “let Minnow What You Think.”


49. Where Does An Elephant Pack Its Luggage? In Its Trunk!


50. Why Did The Eagle Get Arrested For Stealing From The Doctor? It Was Ill-Eagle.


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