Inspiring Body Transformations: Some People Recovered From Anorexia, Many Others Discovered How To Lose Body Fat

These people fought hard and achieved the impossible: they managed to transform their body. Some people achieved their weight loss goal. Many others recovered from anorexia. More then 1.5 people have shared their incredible body transformations since 2011 in this subreddit Progress. Take a look at some of the incredible body transformations. 1. M/29/5’11” [605 […]

20 Hilarious Photos Of Parents Before And After Having Kids That Confirm Parenting Is Life-Changing Beyond Words

“Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep’, says H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Your priorities are turned upside down as soon as first hold your own child in your hands. Take a look at these 20 pictures taken from Instagram account that posts side-by-side photos of people before and after having kids. 1. […]